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Sang Dae Lee, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, is principal of UnitedLAB, founded in 2006 for Cross-Disciplinary Laboratory for Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design. Mr. Lee pushes experimentation between theory and practice through these disciplines.
He is interested in architecture which combines with human culture to fit strongly in the natural landscape. He believes in searching for relationships in architecture between human behavior, social phenomenon, landscape and urban patterns and his design work is based on this social research and analysis.
Through his studio, he has joined international competitions such as the Hong Kong Waterfront, Cheongna City Tower and Magok Waterfront and has been part of exhibitions in Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea. He has garnered notable awards including American Architecture Awards, International Architecture Award, AIA New York & Los Angeles Design Awards, ASLA Professional Awards. Currently, he serves as the overseas correspondent for the Seoul City and has been invited as a guest critic at the USC and a tutor and lecturer from Universities in Korea.
Prior to UNITEDLAB, he has practiced for fourteen years at internationally renowned architecture firms located in NYC, LA, and Boston including Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Safdie Architects, and Gensler. During his tenure, he has worked on a range of award-winning projects varying in typology, scale, and context, while also gaining experience in urban design and landscape architecture. He possesses a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), and a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea, summa cum laude. His graduate thesis, which proposed a landscape urban park for a disadvantaged region of a major metropolis, sparked his growing interest in landscape architecture and urbanism.

이상대는 대한민국 부산에서 태어났다. UNITEDLAB 소장, 미국건축사협회 준회원, 친환경디자인전문가(LEED AP)이다.
그는 건축이 문화와 풍경에 혼재하며 만드는 다양한 관계에 관심을 두고, 인간 행태, 사회 현상, 풍경, 도시 조직 등이 상호 긴밀히 연관된 시스템과 사회성에 근거하여 건축한다.
UL을 통하여, 건축, 조경, 도시 전반에 실무와 실험, 이론과 실제를 오가며 작업하고 있으며, 홍콩워터프런트, 청라시티타워, 마곡워터프런트, 부산오페라하우스 등 다수의 국제공모전에 참여하였다. 2013년 시카고 아테나움 국제 건축상, 미국 건축상, 2012-2010년 미국건축가협회상 5회, 2011년 미국조경가협회상을 수상하였고,  2009년 ‘부산신항 배후 국제산업물류도시 조성 도시개념 현상공모’에서 가작, ‘용산공원 아이디어 공모’에 입상하였다. 서울시 해외통신원으로 활동하고 있으며, USC 건축대학원에 비평가, 부산국제건축디자인워크샵 튜터로 초대되었다. 2012년, 엘에이 소재 한국문화원에서 개최된, 그룹전 'INSIDE OUT: 7 ARCHITECTURAL THOUGHTS'을 기획하고 참여하였다.
이전에, New York, Los Angeles, Boston에 위치한 국제적 명성의 건축회사인, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Safdie Architects, Gensler에서 14년간 실무하였다. 국민대 건축학과 졸업, 미국 Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)에서, 건축학석사 학위를 받았다.

Onekey Paik, KIRA, BArch., Yonsei University, Space Group, AUM&LEE Architects & Associates

Michael Chaveriat, MArch., UT Austin, BS.Arch, UF, Ennead Architects LLP, Snøhetta
Euihyun Lim, BEArch., Handong Global Univ.

Siying Chen, MSAAD., Columbia Univ. GSAPP, BArch., SCI-Arc
Seungmin Lee, AAS., FIT, BFA., SNUT
Jingwen Wang, MSAAD., Columbia Univ. GSAPP, BArch., Tsinghua Univ.
Jingyao Wu, MSAAD., Columbia Univ. GSAPP, BArch., ZJUT
Yue Peng, MSD., UPenn., BArch., HIT
Chencong Zhang, MD, RISD, BE.Civil Eng., Tongji Univ.
Megan Berookhim, MArch., UCLA, BS.Arch, UCLA


Former Collaborators / Staff
Cheng-I Lin, Sheng-Ping Lin, Isaac Brown, Helen Choi, Michael Chaveriat, Jangwoog Suh, Sern Hong Yu, Yeon tae Kim, Marshall Ford, Ashley Coon, Joshua Howell, Xin Li, Changsuk Lim, Joseph Lo, Jin Chul Lee, Wooseong Kweon, Jinge Chai, Calvin Lim, Kyuree Kim, Wilson Rodas, Donggun Lee, Hwuidong Kim, Joe Ho, Aaron Dang, Brandon Vickers, Kirk Soderstrom, Ethan Lee, Yeajee Han, Jiwon Eom, John Kim, Sorayos Chuenchomphu