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Delta Tangent

The Delta Tangent is an iconic urban development that will create a strong identity of Rijeka in the 21st century. The plan presents a vision for a district that plays an important role and would make Rijeka a successful gateway city which currently the city has been trying to establish. Sponsored by the World Bank, the Gateway projects modernize Rijeka’s port facilities and improve logistical circulation, providing components for becoming a successful city.

The delta is currently used as industrial land and port facilities but its real potential is its proximity to Rijeka’s old town. There are also many waterfronts on the canals, Rjecina river, and out to the ocean. Within walking distance of the delta there is a ferry terminal, a local bus terminal, and plans for a future railway station.



However, increased port-related economic activity will bring more people to Rijeka and thus the city will need housing, public transit, new roads, public amenities, infrastructure, as well as commercial opportunities for its growing population and tourists. Unfortunately, the topography makes it difficult to provide efficient road networks and public transit networks. With poor public transit, car dependence will exacerbate current traffic conflicts and will result in the unsustainable standard of ample parking requirements for new developments.

Therefore, a clear development direction for the delta is critical and can serve as a model for the whole city. With the future railway transit network across the city, this plan should be a model for Rijeka developments along the transit corridor, especially around railway stations.