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Flat Lot Pavilion

UFO is coming!

Would anyone be surprised of the news that a UFO is coming? Everyday routine already blurs our realities but the modern person has little room to pursue fictions among the facts. To some it might be important whether a UFO is real or imaginary. But to others the idea sounds good, the simple joy of curiosity and an outrageous yet plausible story.
We all day dream of breaking away from daily life because it gives us not only energy but also connects us with the innocence of our youth. Here, the UFO captures that innocence of childhood.

The Balloon Canopy, injected with helium air, is floated from the ground and movable by mild wind. Latex rubber bands tightly connected to the Ample Light Canopy provide a sharp tension between lightness and softness. It allows only subtle movement because of the tense rubber bands and creates different phenomena within.



The vertical bands don’t completely separate indoor and outdoor and anyone may enter by simply stretching it open. By doing this, it affects the movement of the canopy. This is not a static pavilion but a medium to interact with other humans. At night it functions as a beacon, changing its color depending on the event.

Flat Lot transforms its large parking lot into open and exciting public plaza which downtown Flint desperately needs. Being flexible per event and scale, makes this space more vibrant. This huge lot can be an outdoor urban living room. During a live concert, dance club, or a farmers market, the pavilion advertises and denotes the site’s boundary. Also by simply changing its height, this beacon demarcates its scale. For example, when using the whole parking lot, longer rubber bands lift its canopy higher, identifying a wider territory.
This pavilion provides an amusing space breaking away from monotonous routine.