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Busan Opera House

Beyond an Opera House

The site for the Busan Opera House should be a symbolic place. As the only remaining ideal location on the waterfront, the site for Opera House has the potential to revitalize the city of Busan. The design must be welcoming to the public through open spaces allowing people to stop and appreciate the location. The idea is to maximize the interface between the water and the city to assure the identity of Busan as a port city and establish the Opera House as a landmark and allow it to be known as: ‘'Beyond an Opera House”.

The lush and vegetated water front also serves a place for recreation. The idea is to connect the natural system to the urban context. This allows people in the city who are deprived of the nature to explore and learn from the native flora and fauna. Large open spaces around the BOH are free for the community to play and exercise. The program allows for markets, concerts, events, and festivals. Travelers arriving or departing from the train station or the ferry port can stop, and breathe. After all, this site would be the first impression of Busan for many.