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Central Waterfront of HongKong

Central Waterfront of HongKong International Urban Planning & Design Competition,
HongKong, 2007
Team : Sang Dae Lee, Cheng-I Lin, Joe Ho

Throughout the history of Hong Kong, the city’s waterfront has been under constant flux. Land reclamation from Victoria Harbour has constantly changed the waterfront by pushing Hong Kong and Kowloon closer and closer together. Yet now after 150 years of reclamation, the community of Hong Kong has decided to stop further reclamation. The site area for the competition will be Hong Kong’s first permanent waterfront and therefore requires special attention. The importance of the competition site area is that it will become the final Central Waterfront of Hong Kong. Furthermore, as the front-door to Asia’s World City this waterfront area has inherited the exigent responsibility of defining the city to visitors and citizens alike. This competition seeks creativity to help assist the government and the city in defining the character and identity of the front door to Asia’s World City.