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Central Waterfront of HongKong

Over time, the Central District Waterfront area has become disconnected from the city and all but ignored by the citizens of Hong Kong. This area should be approached as a pedestrian-friendly coastal park and utilized as an area for recreational and cultural activities.
To echo the goal of this competition: Reclaim and revitalize the Central District Waterfront area with a future outlook that benefits all of Hong Kong. This proposal envisions the site to be a multi-activity coastal park in the future. A place where locals and tourists alike come for sight-seeing, shopping, dining, waterfront recreation, biking, jogging, and other outdoor activities. Assorted cultural events such as concerts, live performances, and art walks could also take place here.
The key concept of the design is to achieve these goals through intertwined pathways or connections. These bring together natural resources, people, spaces, and events. The playfulness of a thread game and constructing a complicated web between one's palms is the essence of our design concept.


This weaves a pattern of activities into the soul of city – the waterfront gains back the very authentic characteristics of Hong Kong by linking them. These intersections of woven connection paths not only serve to break the obstacle between the city and waterfront, but also function as a catalyst to promote activity on the waterfront. The circular piece at the centre of the design acts as an eye for Central District to view the rest of the city and harbour and to reflect its true colour.

Design intent:
1.  Layering of multiple locations and activities 2.  Visual corridors between various significant adjacent buildings and the harbour, piers, event spaces, etc. 3.  Weaving of connection paths as arteries of circulation for the whole park. Organic links. 4.  Developing strong axis to “Perfoming Arts Centre” directly from Commercial, Civic, and Cultural paths. 5. Designing gateway building to act a threshold between the high rise scale of the business districts and the new Harbour Eye Park.